Airefina Twin Air Mattress with Built-in Electric Pump

Airefina Twin Air Mattress with Built-in Electric Pump

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Quick Inflation/Deflation In 2 Minutes. 

The built-in pump inflates and deflates the Airefina Air Mattress in just 2 minutes, allowing you to achieve the desired level of comfort and firmness simply by pressing a button.

Extra-Strong Support For A Better Sleeping Experience.

Provides full-body support and comfort with 21 internal air coils and a high-strength structure. Composite mesh construction ensures durability and support.

Customizable Firmness Level For Your Sleeping Position.

You can inflate your air mattress to the firmness level you want. As the PVC stretches naturally during use, you may need to inflate for a few seconds to regain the firmness level.

Waterproof Flocking Top Makes The Mattress More Comfort.

A comfortable waterproof flocked top layer provides an unrivalled sleeping experience. The soft surface won't squeak when you move, so you'll sleep better and won't disturb your child's sleep.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
manolo huertas
Remarkable Product for Travelers

The Airefina air mattress is an excellent blend of swift setup, compact size, and incredible comfort. I genuinely recommend it to all travelers!

Leeming Wong
Ideal and Convenient Camping Solution

The Airefina air mattress is ideal for camping with its impressive fast inflation, durable structure, and surprisingly comfortable sleep.

Lionel Schuman
Portable Comfort, Slight Firmness

Highly recommend the Airefina air mattress for its quick inflation and comfort, especially on the go. It leans towards the firmer side, but still provides a good night's sleep.

Ryan Fischer
Perfect Companion for Outdoors

With ultimate support and comfort, the Airefina air mattress is the perfect outdoor sleep companion. Inflation and transportation are wonderfully simple.

Cassandra Etzig
Optimized Sleeping Experience

Airefina's speedy setup to luxurious sleepsupport is perfect for any occasion. The compact size, durability, and portable features make it a perfect sleeping solution for travel or guests.