Queen Size 18" Air Mattress

Queen Size 18" Air Mattress

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- Quick inflation

The built-in pump rapidly inflates/deflates the air mattress in just 2 minutes, making setup a breeze.

- Durable PVC material

Crafted with high-quality PVC material, this air mattress is both durable and ductile for long-lasting use.

-Enhanced support

The unique patented structure with straight beams and 30 internal air coils enhances durability and support for a restful sleep. 

- Stable sleeping surface 

The raised edge design keeps your bed flat and stable, preventing fitted sheets from slipping

- Waterproof flocked top layer 

Enjoy a comfortable sleep with the mattress's cozy and waterproof flocked top layer.

- Puncture-resistant 

The eco-friendly pvc material ensures puncture resistance, giving you peace of mind during use.

- Queen-size luxury 

This inflatable mattress boasts generous dimensions of 80"X60"X18", providing ample space for two adults and a child.

Customer Reviews

Based on 189 reviews
Kristen Madl
Portable but Heavy

It deflates to a decent backpack size for easy carriage, but it's a little bit heavy. Not a deal-breaker, but worth considering if you're going camping.

Kathy Rommes
Great Sleep, Minor Deflating Issue

The PVC stretch offered a superior sleep quality. The only hiccup was the slight difficulty deflating it.

Sherwanda Pulley
Excellent Support But Slightly Hard

The reinforced edges and durability are commendable. The mattress was a bit too firm for me, but the overall experience made up for it.

Justin Ivy
Comfy Sleep but a Bit Weighty

The comfort brought by PVC stretching naturally is commendable. However, it could be lighter for better portability during outdoor trips.

Jesika Finch
Durable but a Bit Too Firm

The air mattress is incredibly durable, and the fact that it doesn’t flip or tilt is a huge plus. It’s just a little firmer than I would like.