8 Pods Hydroponic Growing System

8 Pods Hydroponic Growing System

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Enjoy Soilless and Pollution-free Planting With Hydroponic Indoor Garden

  • 8 Pods Independent Planting Hole
  • 3L Water Tank Capacity - Visible water level
  • Light and easy to move - Product weight: 3.6lb
  • 12v/3a safety voltage low voltage power supply
  • Adjustable Height Light Pole - up to 15 inches
  • Auto-Timer Water Pump - 30min on/ 30min off cycle
  • Pump System - Increase oxygen to prevent rotten roots
  • LED Grow Light - Full spectrum grow light, same as natural sunlight
  • Extendable Pole - Adapts to the height of plants at different growth periods

Customer Reviews

Based on 212 reviews
Sarah kim
Light of Life

The improved red light in the fruit mode of iDOO system has earned nice from me. It has truly enhanced my fruit yield.

Donna Deletetsky
Tech with Touch

The integration of technology with traditional gardening has made plant growing a relaxing pastime.

Marilyn Zamora-Derr
Peaceful Operation

I appreciate the quiet functioning of the smart watering system. It does its work without creating any disturbance.

Kristen Madl
Lighting Works

The classification of light in the growth modes has proven to be beneficial. Quite a smart feature!

Miguel Garcia
Green Decor Element

Besides facilitating plant growth, this system added a touch of nature to my home decor.