Airefina Full Size Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

Airefina Full Size Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

$286.00 AUD
$286.00 AUD
$286.00 AUD

Airefina Full Air Mattress is a luxury airbed you won't want to miss. It's designed with premier and advanced features that include I-beam independent air column structure and Study Tritech technology for uniform support and enhanced durability. The built-in electric pump ""One-click"" allows for fast and simple inflation/deflation in just 2.5 minutes. With the bed-like design of 8 straight pulling straps and a maximum weight capacity of 295 kg/650 lbs, you'll experience ultimate comfort and stability. This full size inflatable mattress with extra thick, waterproof top flocking ensures you and your family a comfortable sleep experience. This inflatable mattress is both lightweight and portable for easy storage and carry, making it perfect for use at home, outdoors as a camping mattress, or in your car. Don't forget the dustproof storage bag and puncture repair patch included for added convenience. Get ready to enjoy a good night's sleep with this premier full size air mattress from Airefina.

Customer Reviews

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Gary W Haas
Portable Comfort Supreme

Equipped with an easy inflation button, waterproof plush and superior stability, Airefina's air mattress is a breeze to use. It's a tad firm, but a top-quality sleeping surface nonetheless.

theresa foltz
Speedy Inflation, Luxury Sleep

All due praise for Airefina’s air mattress with its fast and trouble-free inflation. The mattress seemed a tad firm but didn't compromise the sleep experience.

Sandra Bonilla
Soft at Its Finest

Airefina's air mattress is a dream. It inflates super quickly and offers great stability, although a touch firm, it provided an undisturbed and splendid sleep experience.

Carlos Rodriguez
Quick Inflation, Stable Sleep

Airefina's air mattress is perfect for a comfortable slumber with its speedy inflation and high stability, though its firmness was a slight surprise.

Elizabeth Wilson
A Restful Night’s Sleep Awaits

I was amazed by how swiftly Airefina's air mattress inflated. Its firm but comfortable sleeping surface was just what I needed for a restful sleep.